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12-30-2007 First webstite build and upload. Happy Birthday!
01-10-2008 New version of M45 after re-processing
03-08-2008 The ST8 has arrived! First Light with the Rosette in Ha
04-05-2008 New Galaxies with the ST8
05-04-2008 The G11 is in and fitted with both the C8 and the Borg101ED. Cloudy skies of course...
06-14-2008 First real image with the C8 @ F/6.3 on the G11 guided by the DSI on the Borg, and after the C8 collimation (no flats)
08-01-2008 Color attempt with M20 using 2x2 bins for R,G & B subframes in an LRGB composite
10-20-2008 Received and installed the Ovision single block worm holder and worm
01-24-2009 Rosette RGB 60 min with G11 & Ovision worm
05-30-2009 M13 with Lumicon -Violet filter (no blue star bloat 1) 4 hours over a few nights
10-24-2009 Added page on cabling (from the Equipment page)
04-15-2010 Moved to the C8 at F/10 on the G11
06-12-2010 Installed the upgraded MI-250
09-03-2010 First image posted (M27). The MI250 is a superb mount!
09-18-2010 NGC 7331 with better processing
03-15-2011 UPS delivered the ML16803 camera with filter wheels. 16 MP, a real treat
09-30-2011 Back from the Sky & Telescope Chilean Observatory Trip. Fantastic!
10-30-2011 The Hyperion 12.5" telescope finally arrived 18 months after placement of order. Now the fun begins
03-13-2012 First real light with the Hyperion: M106 luminance only.
03-24-2012 Website rebuild. Expect some glitches
05-18-2012 M101 Luminance test image
09-15-2012 NGC 7635 The Bubble Nebula
10-29-2012 M31 Andromeda Galaxy Center
11-23-2012 M33 & IC405 (Flaming Star Nebula)
05-04-2013 M106 & M63 (Sunflower Galaxy)
05-17-2013 M13
06-08-2013 M57
06-22-2013 NGC 688 - Crescent Nebula
07-20-2013 NGC 6960 - Western Veil Nebula