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In September 2011, I went to Chile with a Sky & Telescope tour group to visit a few of the professional observatories, see the southern skies for the first time and experience a few nights at public observatories.
In a nutshell, this trip was extraordinary and Chile is truly an astronomer's paradise.
Being able to see the Milky Way extend from horizon to horizon with Sagittarius at the zenith is such a wonderful experience. Adding to that the observatories' visits and seeing up close and personal this fantastic hardware only adds to the intoxication that makes leaving this place very difficult!
We were blessed with a nice group of people from several countries and they all contributed to making this a once in a lifetime experience I will not forget.

I gathered the better part of the 700+ photos I took and compiled them into a few web albums using a nice freeware tool called Web Album Generator.
I also took a few videos using my iPhone 4 and was surprised at how well they came out. I put a few links below to the YouTube sequences I uploaded there for the people in the group.
Chile Trip September 2011
Cerro Tollolo Interamerican Observatory
La Silla European Southern Observatory
Cerro Paranal Europeran Southern Observatory
Elqui Valley Tour
Video: CTIO Arrival
Video: CTIO 4-meter Scope Dome Motion
Video: Cerro Paranal